Cavallino Infrared leg wraps - set of 4. – Stella Equine
Cavallino Infrared leg wraps - set of 4.

Cavallino Infrared leg wraps - set of 4.

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Infrared technology leg wraps with moisture wicking properties.
Comfortable against the horses’ skin.

set of 4 - Black with Burgundy trim

Benefits of Infrared

Promotes healthy blood circulation.
Stimulates metabolism to speed up recovery time after exercise.

Helps to maintain higher energy levels. Infrared heat opens blood vessels deep in the muscle tissue increasing circulation. The increased blood circulation in the tissues eases muscle tension and strengthens the bodies own ability to reduce swelling, heal injuries and speed up recovery time

Helps to maintain higher energy levels.

  • Maximises athletic performance potential
  • Energises
  • Heightens strength 
  • Improves circulation 
  • Eases muscle tension 
  • Reduces lactic acid levels 
  • Increases alertness 
  • Improves flexion range & muscle reaction time 
  • Reduces toxin levels 
  • Aids arthritis symptoms 
  • Prevents chills 
  • Reduces pain 
  • Reduces post work out swelling   
  • Quickens recovery time & much, much more...

Adsorbs body heat through the use of ceramic fiber, and then releases it in the form of Infrared rays, these penetrate deep within the muscle tissue.